Forging Class Information

valid from June 2018

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Important information for the forging classes

Location:       FERRUM D Gentile,   Baselstrasse 165,  4253 Liesberg


Time:              09:30 until approx. 17:30 (It can vary by +/- 30 minutes)


What to bring:     Please bring solid clothes - work wear made from either cotton or a mix of cotton/poly - Jeans, old Military style stuff, pro work wear, etc.
Avoid to bring clothes made from pure synthetic fibres as these can burn/melt upon flame contact and cause serious injury!
I do recommend to bring sturdy shoes / boots made from leather!

You are free to bring your personal protective gear such as hearing protection, goggles - but this is not a requirement as I have everything in this regard available at the shop.

Lunch: Freshly prepared lunch and beverages are included with the class - if you happen to have specific requirements such as vegetarian food, lactose free cooking etc. please let me know at least a few days in advance.

Hotel: The closest and most affordable option is a bed and breakfast just a minute’s walk from the shop ( The B&B offer’s rooms starting at CHF 80.-.

More hotels can be found in the nearby town of Laufen - contact me if you need help finding suitable accommodtion.



General Terms

Updated June 2018

Included Services:

The cost for the class covers the actual class(*1) as well as the basic standard materials. Not included unless specifically quoted are exotic hard wood, horn or bone, stone, precious metals such as gold and silver or any other Materials that would have to be ordered specifically by your own requests.

With non standard projects I can make you a quote for the additionally required materials upon request. Without notice in advance I can not guarantee the availability of anything specific such as types of wood, etc.

*1: Forging class of agreed upon duration and class topic (invoice), lunch (only with all day classes, basic materials including basic grinding materials, gas, etc., safety equipment for the duration of the class and specific theory material.

Payment Conditions: Classes have to be paid in full and advance according to the specifics on the invoice- Appointments on a very short notice can be offered against a payment in cash at the beginning of the class - in full.

With longer classes (from ten days onwards) the possibility of partial payments in two or three  instalments can be agreed upon - terms to be discussed and agreed upon in writing in advance of the class. Other payment options can be arranged at my discretion.

Changing of dates / NO-SHOW: After the definitive sign up for a class (with accepting the quote / invoice) the pre-arranged dates can be changed if necessary at my discretion. Payd for classes are usually valid only for 12 month from the date of the invoice unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

Changing appointments: If you need to change a date you can do so maximally within six month. Short notice changes (1 week or less) 25% of the price for the specific day are forfeit.

Cancellation: If a definitively booked class will be cancelled by the customer - it has to be done so at least four weeks in advance but at absolute minimum before the due date of the invoice! Cancellation with shorter notices will cause a complete void of refund, the invoice if not paid will have to be paid none the less. For valid reasons given, an appointment’s date can be changed (see above).

No-Show: If no change of appointment has been requested and the customer does not show up on the prearranged date then both the class date and the payment will be forfeit - there is no option for a refund!
Exceptions can of course be made at my discretion in special situations such as family emergencies, medical issues, etc.

Underage Students:
If the participant is not of legal age (Swiss Law, 18j.) and NOT accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, I require that the legal guardian provides me with a filled out form of consent for the underage (minor) participant to partake in the class.
A specific form can be downloaded under this link

Risk acknowledgment and disclaimer of liability: By signing up for a class the customer  - if not of legal age his/her parents or legal guardian - acknowledges that there is a certain risk involved in the the activity of forging, machining, metal working, manual work etc. Neither FERRUM D Gentile, Daniel Gentile or any associated person will take any responsibility or be legally liable in case of any injury, accident or bodily harm  caused during the class. We take the greatest care possible to make it as as safe as possible though.


Questions: If you happen to have any questions please contact me by E-Mail (


FERRUM D - Daniel Gentile
Baselstrasse 165, CH-4253 Liesberg


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